Pet of the Month: January Edition

January often marks the beginning of Michigan’s harsh winter weather. Snow, sleet, freezing temperatures, and wind chill can make being outside unbearable, and for stray animals with no solace from the elements, staying outside can prove fatal. The Humane Society of Midland County (HSOMC) shelters a wide variety of cats and dogs from around Midland and transfers some from other shelters that cannot house any more animals. This month’s featured pet is Alpine. 

Alpine is a five-year-old male brown tabby. His curious and friendly demeanor paired with his love of cuddles makes him the perfect forever pal. He was found by the police in Alpine Trailer Park, which is the source of his name, with a growth on the top of his head. Because of this, he has stitches where the growth was removed and a cone to prevent him from tearing them prematurely.  

“He’s very curious,” program coordinator Diane Lason said. “He wants to investigate everything if you go up to his cage, he wants you to open the door, he wants to sniff you, he wants to be on your shoulder, he’s just very curious.”

Alpine also has feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), which cannot be transmitted to humans, and is rarely transmitted to other cats unless through a deep bite wound. Because of this, his adoption fee has been waived. Despite his ailments, Alpine is looking to live out a long, healthy life in his forever home.

“[Someone looking to adopt Alpine] just needs to be ready to have an affectionate cat that wants to be their buddy,” Lason said. 

While adopting a pet from the HSOMC is a huge help, many people don’t have an ideal housing situation for a new cat or dog. Volunteering at the shelter by washing bedding, walking dogs, or even just socializing new pets is also extremely appreciated. 

To adopt a pet, access the HSOMC’s website and fill out an adoption form at

With wide eyes, featured pet of the month Alpine gazes curiously outside of his cage. Due to the removal of a large growth on his head, Alpine can be found in a purple cone, keeping him from tearing open his wounds prematurely. “He’s a really nice cat,” program coordinator Diane Lason said. “He’s just very sweet and social.”
photo by Rose Sobeck
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