Pet of the Month: December Edition

As the holiday season comes to an end, many families spend countless days and nights trying to figure out where a new pet fits into their home and daily routine. For some families, the idea of a pet is more appealing than the time and energy it takes to own one. This becomes a problem for the Humane Society of Midland County (HSMC) as a multitude of pets are returned and abandoned. This month’s featured HSMC pet is Lloyd. 

Lloyd is a 10-month-old male German Shepherd and Doberman mix. The HSOMC received Lloyd along with 16 other dogs from a shelter in Fortworth, Texas that had become overcrowded. Those who have worked with Lloyd describe him as playful, energetic, and loving. 

He’s a big playful puppy. We play ball in the yard and he definitely likes to run around and play with other dogs. He’s very friendly.

employee Chantal Smith

Lloyd works extremely well with other dogs and is predicted to work well with children as well. While Lloyd is anything but aggressive, he is still a puppy, and therefore needs some basic puppy training. 

He is a big dog and he’s a little rambunctious so you definitely need to work with him in a house, especially if there’s things around that he could break or get into.

employee Chantal Smith

After only two weeks of staying at the HSOMC, Lloyd was adopted. While Lloyd was easily able to find his forever home, this just isn’t the case for many animals at the shelter. Some pets are still waiting to be adopted while others are returned or abandoned. Providing a home for these animals is one huge way to help out. However, a new pet isn’t ideal for every home. Other ways to help include doing laundry and dishes at the shelter, walking dogs, and providing donations.

To prevent the possibility of an abandoned animal, the HSOMC asks that those contemplating adoption are completely on board before fully committing to a pet. 

Just make sure you’re sure. Go in and meet the dog, walk them, play with them, get to know them a little bit and make your decision. 

employee Chantal Smith

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