Varsity cheer starts competition season at CCCAM

DHS varsity cheer team competed in its first competition of the 2019-2020 season this past weekend at Shepherd High School for the CCCAM Scholarship Invitational. The team competed against MHS, Mt. Pleasant, and several other schools. At this unique competition, all of the profits from the event will go to a cheerleader who competed in the competition and applied for the scholarship.

There were three different rounds the team competed in. In round one, the cheerleaders showcased their jumps and motions. Round two was a choreographed routine that all cheer teams at the competition perform. Round three was a free for all where the team can do whatever they choose.  DHS chose to play to their strengths and perform standing and running tumbling. Stunting is also very common for this round.

With the change in season, there are several changes in the team’s goals. DHS varsity cheer coach Robin Roberge had insights into these differences.

“Sideline, our number one goal is to involve our community, our student body,” Roberge said. “So our whole goal is to get the school pepped up to get them on board, to lead them in cheers throughout the entire game, win or lose.”

During the winter, the team switches over to competition season, competing against other cheer teams.

“[During competition season] it is geared more towards team versus team cheer to the death,” Roberge said.

The team’s next competition is Jan. 11 at MHS for the Midland Invite.

Photos taken by Victoria McKinney.
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