Unkind labels unify students

FGL, an acronym for Freaks Geeks and Losers, is a club that meets every Thursday from 2:35-4:00 p.m. in room 335. With a variety of topics, FGL is a place for DHS students to go and share or express things they are passionate about. Whether that be a comic book, novel, TV show, or game, everyone is accepted and encouraged to share what they enjoy. The group of roughly 17 people all come together and engage in different types of activities such as cosplay, discussions, and play games.

“We aren’t only focused on one thing,” senior and head of FGL Mikayla Tegen said. “We don’t just talk about writing or art or books or video games, we talk about all of them.” 

Acceptance is a huge part of this club. Both accepting who you are and others in the group is one of the biggest aspects of this club. 

“FGL stands for Freaks Geeks and Losers, but this isn’t us admitting that’s what we are,” Tegen said. “ It’s us accepting that this is what people call us. It’s also an invitation to anyone who’s ever felt like, or been called a freak, geek or loser, to come together and be these things together. It’s also a message to the people who’ve called us these things that we’ve accepted they’ll call these, but we don’t care. If the things that make us smile and enjoy life also make us freaks, then freaks we shall be, because we really don’t care what we’re called.” 

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Kayla Dominowski

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