DECA international competition cancelled

As a result of the DECA state competition that took place March 5-7, 21 DHS students would have been heading to Nashville to represent Michigan DECA in the international competition. Participants are allowed to attend this competition if they become state champion in their event. Internationals is the last competition that students can attend in the school year. As a result of recent health concerns, DECA has decided to cancel the entire conference. 

“Knowing that it’s pretty hard to make it and making it for the first time or being a senior and knowing you won’t have the chance to make it next year, it’s really upsetting,” senior Austin Urlaub said. 

The 20 students that would have gone to the conference were: Hannah Kilbride, Irshad Husain, Anish Middha, Gabriela Donoso, Austin Urlaub, Charlee Simanskey, Chloe Stafford, Olivia Jordahl, Marshall McGaugh, Joey Meilink, Mark VanHeel, Louie Sun, David Wang, Olivia Miller, Salma Elsaadany, Hanna Shewchuck, Adelina Wolok, Gena Guerrieri, Tolu Oshin, and Tyler Sanchez.

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