Go Green creates greener school

Go Green is currently working on projects to help make the school a cleaner, greener place. Members work together with ongoing projects, like composting.

“The kitchen is helping us out and also some individual teachers have composting bins in their office or classrooms, so we are making compost from the food waste,” Go Green advisor Cynthia Roberts said. 

As Earth Day is coming right around the corner, Go Green is making preparations. Go Green is co hosting an Earth Day Expo with Midland Center for the Arts, the American Chemical Society, and Midland recyclers. They have many exhibits and activities planned.

“Coming up we have a huge Earth Day Expo,” Roberts said. “On Sunday, April 19, we are co hosting with Midland Center for the Arts, the American Chemical Society, and Midland recyclers, and that is a huge Expo where we have guest speakers and exhibits and activities.”

Go Green is also planning on making a pollinator garden for their greenhouse. Members are also discussing their plans for the green house this year.

“So we built a greenhouse last year, and we don’t have anything growing in it right now but we’re working on that, deciding what we want to grow in it, and what we’re going to do with the stuff that we grow, whether we’re going to sell it give it away or whatever we’re going to do,” Roberts said. “We just submitted a grant for a pollinator garden so we want to install a pollinator garden on the outside of the greenhouse, because pollinator habitats are being attacked by all different kinds of things.”

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