Winter break vacations

Winter break is approaching fast, and while away from school, some students have opted to travel much farther than over the river and through the woods, so to speak. 

Junior Mayada Al-Ahmad is leaving early for her winter break with her family en route to Cancún, Mexico, a first time trip that she is excited about. 

“I think the reason why I’m the most excited is because before I moved here I was in Dubai, and Dubai was warm all-year round,” Al-Ahmad said. “So I’m kind of like, I don’t like the snow, but it’s okay I guess, so I’m excited to go back to where it’s really warm and just stay out in the sun the whole time, like the whole entire day and stuff like that.”  

Another student traveling internationally for the holidays is senior Katie Ramos, venturing to Europe and visiting various countries in her travels for the first time as well.  

“I’m excited to go because it’s out of the norm, ” Ramos said. “They live differently, they eat more cleanly. I’m excited to see some of the structures they have like the Louvre, and stuff like that.” 

Link to Paris Travel Map

Link to Cancún travel map

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