Pet of the Month: November Edition

As the month of November begins, temperatures outside plummet and fallen leaves become buried by snow. While the change in weather makes for cozy afternoons inside, it also means a more dangerous environment for stray cats and dogs around Midland. Because of this, the Humane Society of Midland County (HSMC)’s wide selection of animals, including cats and dogs of different breeds, grows larger everyday. This month’s featured HSMC pet is Moki.

Moki is a three-month-old male kitten. He is very small for his age compared to the other kittens at the shelter; however, that doesn’t stop him from being loved by everyone at the HSMC. His small size and tranquil demeanor makes him the perfect snuggle buddy for the winter season. As of Nov. 22, Moki has been adopted.

Moki likes a lot of attention. I think if Moki could travel around on your shoulder all day he would be really happy.

volunteer at HSMC Jan Wilcox said

While Moki’s breed is unknown, Wilcox guessed that he may be a breed similar to a Maine coon.

He has a lot of the characteristics of a Maine coon. He’s got the tufts in his ears, he’s kind of got the crown around his neck. He doesn’t really have the tufts on his paws but he just looks a lot like a Maine coon. 

Wilcox said

The HSMC recommends that all pets be indoor pets due to the harsh outdoor elements and, due to his size, Moki is no exception. Cars and wild animals are both hazards that could prove fatal to outdoor pets. The shelter also asks that cats not be declawed due to the painful consequences. 

We have had to have reconstructive surgery for several cats this year that are older. The last cat that they did the surgery on, they kept the bone fragments that they had to remove and they looked like little shards of glass. There were probably fifteen that she was walking on.

Wilcox said

While adopting from the HSMC is a great way to contribute during the holiday season, not everyone has the time for a new pet. Volunteering at the shelter is another way to help out. 

Well, we’d love if [students] come volunteer, and volunteering can be just coming and petting on the cats. It helps socialize [the cats].

Wilcox said

While Moki may be adopted, the Human Society has a multitude of other pets waiting for a forever home.  

For a photo gallery of Moki, visit:

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