“Grande” reunion at Ariana Grande concert

Ariana Grande, Liz Gillies, and Matt Bennett reunited at Grande’s Sweetener World Tour on the 19th in Atlanta, GA to perform their hit songs from the American sitcom ¨Victorious”, as stated by Entertainment Weekly.

Gillies, who played Jade West on the show, appeared next to Grande, who played Cat Valentine, as they sang their iconic song ¨Give It Up!¨, from the episode ¨Freak the Freak Out ̈.

Later, Grande brought out Bennett, who played Robbie Shapiro on the show, to play his solo song “I Think You’re Swell ̈.

According to Twitter, Grande tweeted before the concert, “Guys I can’t tell you why yet but I’m so excited for tonight I’ve never felt this way goodbye”. Gillies then replied asking “Why?”, to which Grande responded with “Feeling: nervous” followed with a series of emojis, as a nod towards the status updates the characters used to do on the show. Bennett then tweeted out and asked Grande, “Is it because you think Atlanta’s swell?”, which is a reference towards the song he performed.

Fans rejoiced at the reunion, and were filled with nostalgia remembering the show that ran from 2010-2013.

“I thought that it was about time that they all got together again, like the whole gang just comes together and has a good time, you know?” sophomore Hailey Bunn said. “It’s been a couple of years.”

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