Worries of snow drought for Alpine Club

Alpine Club at DHS has been a part of the school for years, and is now run by second-year chemistry teacher Adam Colvin. Every year, Colvin and the rest of the club take trips to go skiing at various ski resorts around Michigan. 

However, for their first trip of the year at Crystal Mountain ski resort, Colvin, along with the rest of Alpine club, is concerned whether there will be enough snow to ski comfortably. Colvin’s concerns are derived from the amount of snow that Midland has received over the past few weeks, as it has been very minimal. 

“Well, the thing is, I don’t really look at the daily snow report for [Crystal Mountain], I know they make snow but you can kind of judge by how much snow we get and how much snow they might have,” Colvin said. 

With the trip to Crystal Mountain being on Dec. 14, there isn’t much time for the snow to fall in order to guarantee a successful ski trip. Yet, with Crystal Mountain being able to produce their own snow for their slopes, there is still hope. 

“I just assume they weren’t getting much, but they said it’s been okay for them, and they make snow so they actually think it’s gonna be okay,” Colvin said. 

Official Crystal Mountain Website:


Google Classroom Code for Alpine Club: 24vydwt

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