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Acrylic painting is a process. It begins with using the right colors, purchasing brushes, and finding a canvas. Many acrylic painters use the traditional cloth stretched across a wooden frame, which comes in a varying range of colors from white to black. However, freshman Elinor Hnizda doesn’t use canvas to paint. Instead, she uses cameras. 

“I like going to thrift stores with my mom and if they’re cheap, then I pick up old film cameras because nobody uses them that much and I just paint with acrylic paint and use them as a canvas,”  Hnizda said. 

Painting film cameras sprouted from a fun idea which then turned into a full-time hobby. Hznida finds cameras from thrift stores around Midland and often times receives them as gifts from family members who know about her hobby. Her latest creations include a beach landscape and a camera covered in red paint and googly eyes. 

Other than painting film cameras, Hnizda also enjoys drawing and doing other types of crafts. 

For more information about acrylic painting, visit https://www.artistsnetwork.com/art-techniques/what-to-know-when-learning-how-to-paint-with-acrylics/

Hznida’s collection of painted film cameras include a Spongebob Squarepants design, a steampunk design, a beach landscape, and a camera with paint dripping down the sides. “I have a bunch of shelves in my rooms on the walls so I just stack [the cameras] up and then they all just sit there,” Hznida said.
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