DECA members running for state officer

Although DECA states are fast approaching, DECA tests are not the only thing on juniors Olivia Miller and Nicole Peters’ minds. Besides having to prepare for states, they are also planning on running for DECA state officer.

Even though state elections aren’t until the state competition in March, students have to prepare their campaigns early. On Feb. 1, students running from DHS’ district will go to Grand Rapids where they will be interviewed and give a speech. Afterwards, on Feb. 10, the final candidates will be announced and voted on at states where they will give a speech in front of the Michigan chapter. Candidates will then be voted on by chapter representatives.

Unlike DECA members, state officers play a role in leading conferences and district meetings. There are different positions such as state president and vice president of public relations. The position that each officer is assigned to by the number of votes they receive. 

Being DECA state officer is more than just a title for some; for Peters it helped pushed her to get more involved. 

“So when I first started, DECA, well I guess the second competition in DECA which was last year, my sophomore year, when I went to states in Detroit, Michigan, I was kind of confused and lost I never really like went outside of my box and then when I got there, I looked at these group of people and they were just so energetic and really liked DECA and it kind of got me inspired to look more into the program,” Peters said.

Senior DECA member Karnika Chandra ran for state officer last year. She ended up becoming Vice President of Leadership Development. Photo provided by Erin Royalty.

For information on current DECA state officers check out this link below:

For more information on running for DECA state officer check out this link below:


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