IB Environmental Science making students environmentally aware

The IB Environmental Science class, like most classes, meets every school day for about an hour. This newly offered class is all about the environment, protecting and preserving it. 

“A lot of it is analyzing the environment and science with animals and plants and also connections with the real world,” junior Carys Pendleton said. “We talk about real life organizations that are used to protect those animals, and how we can apply it to our lives.” 

This class is more unique than most science classes. It includes connections to the real world and how to be more environmentally aware. 

“To me it really seems kind of like a mix between a science and also a social studies, because we talk about some of those cultural and social aspects of how they’re influenced by the environment,” teacher Anthony Bauer said.

Unlike some classes, Pendleton believes she will use what she learned from this class in the real world. 

“A lot of it is about being environmentally conscious in your everyday life,” Pendleton said. “That’s something that we talk about a lot. That’s definitely made me more aware, and I use that every day now.” 


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