Taking college math courses proves to be beneficial

For cross-graded seniors at DHS, finding a math class that fits into their schedule and fulfills their educational needs can be challenging. Senior Anish Middha takes Calculus 3/Analytical Geometry at Delta College. He has been cross-graded since he was in second grade, and taking this course was in his natural progression. Although it is sometimes hard to accommodate this extra course schedule wise, the benefits outweigh the difficulties in most cases. Taking college math classes while still in high school is beneficial because of the credits the students acquire. 

“It’ll be nice because I’ll get college credit already, and it’s in a much smaller setting than any bigger universities that I might be at in the future,” Middha said. 

These credits go towards a college diploma and will lessen the workload of a college freshman. Due to these benefits, taking these courses is highly recommended. 

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Chloe Stafford

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