DHS new debaters on their way to Novice States

The upcoming weekend, the DHS Novice Debate Team will go to their eventually last competition in this years debate season at Dexter High School.

The competition at Dexter High is the Novice Debate State competition, which makes it especially important for Novice debaters, those members of the team that started out with debating this year and who will be the only members to perform.

“This [competition] is considered the most important because Dow has won it for the past few years, pretty much our whole season we are trying to win this one,” sophomore William Wang sad.

The debaters will leave after third hour this Friday Dec. 9. and will debate for three rounds. At  Novice Debate States there are divisions in policy, public forum and legislative debate. There will be two more rounds on Saturday Dec.10. and depending on the performance of the team several rounds more.

For the Novice debaters this weekend will mark the end of the 2016 season which included winning the second place at the MSU competition and several other top three placements and referring to the past success of DHS teams at Novice States the team’s expectations for the next days are high.

By: Lukas Klassen

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Lukas Klassen

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