Korean Club allows students to explore Korean culture

There are many clubs at DHS, including one new club: Korean Club. 

Korean Club has already had three meetings this year and meets every Tuesday after seventh hour in the Computer Science lab, room 140.

During the meetings, students have the opportunity to talk about the different generations of K-pop idols. They have also viewed a Korean movie called “Extreme Job.” Korean Club was started by junior Kate Jo. 

“I wanted to find people in our school who have the same interest in Korean culture, or K-pop,” Jo said when asked about why she started the club. “I wanted to teach them what is really famous in Korea, and what good music they have.”

Some students, like junior Ayla Khan, have also looked into starting a K-pop dance group. 

“It hasn’t started yet, it’s kind of more of an idea right now,” Khan said. “But one idea we had is to start a group of people who are interested in learning K-pop dances and I think it’d be more just for fun.” 

For more information about Korean Club or the K-pop dance group, talk to Kate Jo or attend the next Korean Club meeting.

Check out Korean Club’s Instagram here: https://instagram.com/dhs_korean_club?igshid=eu1uewsj8112

On Jan. 14, juniors Ayla Khan and Kate Jo talk about upcoming plans for Korean Club. This club meets every Tuesday after seventh hour in the computer science lab where they discuss different aspects about Korean culture.
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