A look into DHS Indoor Track Club

The DHS Indoor Track Club, established last school year, meets every day to get physical exercise inside by running three times a week, doing bodyweight conditioning on Tuesdays, and lifting weights on Thursdays.

“The club is open to literally anybody who wants to stay conditioned,” DHS Indoor Track Club leader and senior Andrew Selle said. “So we actually have several people that aren’t on Cross Country or Track but are doing it during their off-season of a sport, such as tennis or something like that, just to stay in shape.”

Another purpose of the club is to stay in shape for indoor track meets held at Saginaw Valley State University periodically throughout the winter.

The club had slow beginnings, with five or six people showing up to practices last year. Now organized as an official club, it has grown to over 20 regular attendees.

Club meetings are every day at 3:30 P.M. the DHS boys’ locker room.

DHS Indoor Track Club members using the bicycles for conditioning on Thursday, Feb 13. 2019.
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