Spring musical ‘leads’ to excitement

As the excitement of the fall play comes to a close, a new whirlwind of exhilaration hits the drama department in the form of the spring musical. This year’s production, entitled “The Secret Garden,” follows the story of the main character, Mary Lennox, who goes to stay with her uncle Archibold, a rich upperclassman living in a haunted English home.

The lead roles of the show were cast before winter break with sophomore Matthew Conley as Archibold Craven and senior Emily Wyatt as Lily, Craven’s dead wife. With the fresh beginnings of rehearsals, Conley views his role with both enthusiasm and apprehension.

“I’m super excited,” Conley said. “I’m very much honored to be able to play this part. It’s going to be a bit of a challenge but I’m excited to take on that challenge. It’s a little stressful sometimes because it’s a big responsibility, but I think it’s just gonna be a lot of fun, and I’m working with a great cast that makes it a little better. It’s just going to be a great experience.” 

The musical will take place Mar. 20-22.

For a deeper analysis of “The Secret Garden”, visit https://www.sparknotes.com/lit/secretgarden/summary/ 

Sophomore Matthew Conley will be playing one of the lead roles in the spring musical. While his age put him at a disadvantage in the casting process, he made up for it with his vast experience in music and theater.
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