Maple leaf pride

Canada Club met on Jan. 15, 2020 in English teacher Andrew Frye’s room, room 343. The club meets in the early morning to learn about Canadian culture.

“We’ve also done hockey, talking about how the sport of hockey works, and then the Canadian league as well,” senior and club president Andrew Selle said. “Other times we’ll do things like making maple syrup candies.”

The goal of this meeting was to make locker signs for the club and to watch hockey. Usually, each meeting has a different theme. The overall objective for the club is to have students learn about many Canadian’s way of life.

“Our goal for the club is just to have people learn,” Selle said. “I think it’s a social club as well so a lot of people come just to learn and hang out with their friends but greater so we learn about different cultures and become more mindful global citizens.”

Interview with president Andrew Selle
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