Charger Equality Club takes on labels

Jan. 14, 2020 was the first Charger Equality Club meeting of the new year. Taking place in Mr. Chambers’ classroom, room 217, students from all grade levels came to talk and discuss about fluidity and changes in identity. Rin Dunlap led the presentation and went through many types of identities, labels and genders. Club members then went into talking about experimenting with different labels and identities. 

“Labels change as people change,” Dunlap said. 

After going through a PowerPoint and asking any questions that were needed, the club began to talk about new presidents for the upcoming school year. If anyone would like to sign up and apply for a position, there will be a form to fill out, and later a scheduled interview with both co-presidents. 

For any further questions contact Rin Dunlap or Christi LeCaptain. 

Contact Information:

Rin Dunlap:

Christi LeCaptain:

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