“The Tempest” wraps up as musical auditions begin

As the Drama Department recovers from the fall play, they gear right back up into auditions for the spring musical. Before the department gets too far into the spring show, freshman Raegan Woodiwiss reflects on her experience during the fall play. 

“I think I definitely widened my perspective and my ability by doing Shakespeare because it was my first Shakespeare show,” Woodiwiss said. 

According to Woodiwiss, the show was a success, but there are some improvements she wants to see for next year. 

“I just want more people to audition,” Woodiwiss said. “It’s a really cool thing to be a part of and you get super close with your castmates, so you make so many friends. That’s why I encourage a lot of people to audition.” 

This slideshow compiles and encapsulates the emotions, mood, and actions of “The Tempest” from start to finish during the show on Friday, Nov. 22. 

Auditions for the spring musical “The Secret Garden” were held the week of Dec. 2. The cast list was announced Friday, Dec. 6. Rehearsals will begin on Tuesday, Dec. 10 and run until the show opens in March. 

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