Impeachment for Christmas

Impeachment hearings were held this past Wednesday on Dec. 18, 2019. These hearings have made history making Donald Trump the third president to face impeachment and be impeached. The House voted 230-197, charging Trump with Article 1: Abuse of Power and 229-198 charging him with Article 2: Obstruction of Congress. 

The Senate will hold trials tentative to January which will decide whether he is convicted of the two articles and then removed from office. Chief Justice Roberts will preside over the case and the jury will be the Senate. The majority and minority leaders have to come to an agreement over the witnesses that will be in attendance, and what questions their managers will choose, among other procedural things. 

Although Impeachment is a fairly unfamiliar ground for America, there are still tentative timelines for how long the process should take in each step, including trials and hearings.

“Historically, they’re usually, you know, two to three months, depending on getting stuff and the actual trial itself. This one seems different, It seems like they’re gonna go really quickly,” Government teacher, Mr. Richards said.

The Senate is represented by 53 Republicans, 45 Democrats, and two independents, making it a majority Republican. The charges under Article 1 originated from the Trump Administration’s communication and coordination with President Zelinsky of Ukraine regarding Hunter Biden’s company, Burisma of which Hunter formally sat on the board for.

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Sophie Ungerleider

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