Science Olympiad members gather for first meeting this year

The members of Science Olympiad joined together for the first meeting of this year. This informational meeting took place in physics teacher Thomas McNamara’s room on Thursday the 21st of November after both 6th and 7th hours. The members of the Science Olympiad team sat in the meeting to hear the plans for the upcoming year. 

“In Science Olympiad, we can express our interest in science by participating in events,” senior Ashwin Saxena said. “They’re about topics which we don’t like necessarily cover a lot in class like astronomy or electricity. It’s more in depth and more hands on. For my past events I had to make circuits.”

Although it is a competition, McNamara believes that it should be fun as well. 

“I think I treat it as kind of a very low key event,” McNamara said. “I’m just here to have fun with science. I’m not really worried about the competition part of it, right? They’re having fun. You know, that’s the important part.”

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Cassidy Wainwright

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