Equality takes a new name

Gay Straight Alliance, now known as Charger Equality Club, is an after-school group that is meant to be a safe space for all DHS students, regardless of their identity, to connect with others. Their meetings occur every  third Thursday of every month following seventh hour at 3:30 p.m. During the meetings, CEC talks about daily struggles of being in the LGBTQ community and now to deal with them. 

“It’s an environment in which members of the LGBT community and allies can come and just interact,” senior Christi LeCaptain said. “We’re kind of focusing a little more on the social aspects, but we are also talking about important topics like coming out and microaggressions.” 

LeCaptain is a co president of the club with senior Rin Dunlap. The two manage all aspects of the club, from organizing meetings, planning topics to discuss, and communicating with their fellow group members. They pride themselves on being open to everyone and make sure to include all types of people. This club is meant to be a safe space for people to talk, share, and connect. 

“The mission of our club is basically just to provide an environment for students to exist, be themselves, and be happy,” LeCaptain said. “Also an environment in which they can talk to others that are like them.”

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