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In the spring, the Trap Shooting club will start to meet up again. Trap shooting is a sport that has been going on for years, starting in 1915. The shooter shoots at a flying disk, which can also be called a clay pigeon, flying from either side of the field at about 60 mph. Junior Shelbee Simanskey is an active member in the club.

“I heard about it when I was in eighth grade because my sister is a year above me,” junior Simanskey said. “So I heard the meeting was coming up in the spring of my freshman year, so I decided to go to see what it is all about.”

Some believe that trap shooting and skeet shooting are not considered a sport, since there is not a lot of physical activity included. Simanskey disagrees. 

“My favorite part is probably the challenge,” Simanskey said. “It’s not an easy sport. I know that a lot of people don’t consider it to be one. Even though it’s not physically challenging, it’s mentally challenging because once you’ve missed one that’s all.”

Like many other sports that students are a part of, the trap shooting team attends states each year.

“What the DHS team does is we have five or six competition weeks,” Simanskey said. “This is where we just shoot with our team at the Freeland Conservation Club.Then in June. we go down to Mason, Michigan for a state tournament. And we shoot with all the teams in Michigan and compete.” 

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