Modern Global Topics

Modern Global topics is a class at DHS dedicated to the discussion and exploration of global issues. 

“Modern global issues is a class that we cover you know global topics that are of interest in and it can be anything from things dealing with human health,” history teacher Thomas Evans said. “It can be a deal with politics, it can be dealing with world conflicts.”

Modern Global Topics is also a virtual blended learning format class. This means that the class meets every Tuesday and Thursday. Every other day students have a free period to work on projects and quizzes.

“[Modern Global Topics is about] becoming a critical examiner of modern media,” Evans said. “So we look at media bias, what is behind the news that we’re seeing.”

History teacher Thomas Evans talks to students in his fourth hour Modern Global Topics class. Evans talked about the recent impeachment hearings and gave his students an online practice quiz on it. “[The purpose of the class is] exploring media and looking at what’s driving our media, social media, things like that,” Evans said.

The idea of Modern Global Topics is to teach students how to discuss and think about topics complexly as well as trying to get a balanced view of the news.

“How can you become less polarized?” Evans said. “In other words, where you’re not locked in your own, we call it the echo chamber where you’re just hearing what you already want to hear. Instead, we’re trying to explore and listen to both sides of an argument before making a decision.”

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