Spring Trends in Female Fashion

As the weather gets warmer, people begin to store away their winter sweaters and start bringing out their spring clothes.  Fashion trends change each year, so students may feel the need to buy new clothes each time spring rolls around.  Senior Linda Pavlock shared her views on shopping in Midland.

“Midland shopping isn’t very reliable, but occasionally I check out Athalia’s Boutique,” Pavlock said. “They’re pretty good at keeping up with trends and I can usually find a few things I wouldn’t think to get anywhere else. They seem to move shipments through pretty quickly, so there’s new clothes all the time.”

Outside of Midland, Pavlock prefers Free People, a Bohemian-inspired clothing store.  “I don’t [shop at Free People] very often, but every once in awhile I’ll either visit an outlet or shop online and I end up with a few items that I love so much,” Pavlock said.  “It’s definitely not a store that offers things you would look for specifically, but it’s always a cool surprise to find something really pretty that you didn’t think you wanted.  It’s like letting the outfit choose you.”

Pavlock also shared her favorite trends for spring.  “Spring is the best for all of its color and we don’t have to wrap up in giant sweaters anymore, at least we’re praying that we don’t have to, so I enjoy seeing bright patterns and fabrics,” Pavlock said.  “This spring I’m really into big sleeves and anything suede.  I love that ‘70s fashion seems to make a comeback every year for festival season.”

On the other side, Pavlock expressed her dislike toward bold stripes.  “I don’t care what color they are and I don’t care what item they’re on,” Pavlock said of the trend.  “I can’t imagine anyone pulling them off without looking like a clown who went to prison.”

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