Last Days for Seniors

With only a few days left of school and all IB and AP tests in the past, this years’ seniors are finally starting to feel the end of their high school career approaching. The last official day for seniors is May 27th, and graduation is on June 3rd, along with the senior breakfast. In these last few days, emotions in the building start to build up as the students recall the fun times they had and the memories they’ll take with them.

Senior Lauren Bourque’s fondest memory of high school is, “The amazing friends I’ve made in these four years,” Bourque said. “I’ll really miss some of them in college, they made it fun for me to come to school every day.”

English teacher Andrew Frye agrees that the thing he will miss most about the seniors this year is, “the level of character that some of them have, and the size of their hearts.”

As the seniors reflect upon the past four years, many realize that they have become completely different people.

“I used to be really nervous and I didn’t really know anybody so I just didn’t really want to get involved too much,” senior Sarah Naumovitz. “But I started feeling more comfortable and I’ve gotten a little bit more outgoing and relaxed.”

When asked about what she wished someone had told her during her freshman year at DHS, Naumovitz said that she “wished people told me not to be afraid to get involved in things, if you get involved when you’re young it becomes more natural for you as you get older.”

Many adults say that high school is the best time of your life, and although senior Bailey Ault hopes that isn’t the case, he will “miss band because it’s a really fun class and the people were really fun. I liked the sense of community and as a freshman it was nice going in knowing you had about 250 people to support you.”

By: Eline Ferket

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