Publications of Dow High get new leaders

As always, clubs are changing as we near the end of the school year. Seniors are leaving and juniors are stepping up to take their places and becoming leaders. Christine Labby and Maggie Schaller are both examples of this happening this year.

Labby, who is dedicated to Yearbook, was just announced the editor-in-chief of the 2016-2017 school year. For the last two years she has been on staff they have had strong leaders, although it is always intimidating to become a leader, Labby is definitely excited for the new school year to come.

“I’m really excited to just start new,” Labby said.

The yearbook editor-in-chief is really just “the final eye” she said. She and Schaller both agree that being editor-in-chief is not just “being in charge.” For the Update, Schaller knows that “when you’re editor-in-chief you’re still a reporter.” Schaller said that being editor-in-chief means “making decisions for what is best for the Update.” She said that ever since she has been on staff she has always really cared for the Update.

Editor-in-chief seems like a large role to take on but both girls said that they worked really closely with the previous editor-in-chief. So its not completely a new role, “just doing a little more than you did the year before,” Schaller said.

Labby worked hard to prepare for the position.

“Since about half way through the year I knew, I wanted to make myself the best candidate for the position,” Labby said. Schaller agreed by saying that “it just felt like the good next step to take”.

“No matter what, we are always trying to do what is best for the publication,” Schaller said. Both girls are excited for the new year to come, looking forward to working with new people, and being the head of what they love doing most.

By: Reece Leydorf

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