Behind the Scenes With Student Union Reps.

Approaching quickly, the Student Union elections will be taking place here at DHS. The candidates are preparing for their speeches and spreading the word as much as possible. Every student has the chance to run for a position in Student Union (if they choose to). That is, if they get enough signatures and then go through an interview process.

“I just want to make it a better school where kids can talk about what they want to change and they can always come and talk to me and I can see what I can do,” sophomore treasurer, Michael McNamera said. McNamera was the treasurer for his class last year and this year. He is running again and hopes he can still be apart of Student Union as the treasurer for his junior class.

Running for the president position is sophomore Ben Zeitler. Zeitler is one of five students running for this position. This is his first time running for a position in Student Union and if elected, he hopes to make a positive change in the schools environment.

“I’d like to improve student spirit, which is always an issue…it’s an issue every year, but I had a couple ideas that might be able to cause an increase in student involvement,” Zeitler said. “Whether it’d be with sporting events or plays or anything like that.”

Last year, McNamera participated in many different volunteering activities and because of that, he got involved with Student Union.

“Well, last year I got involved with just volunteering for random things around the school, and then since we didn’t have a treasurer, they accepted me into being treasurer,” McNamera said. “So I just decided hey, why not. I’ll have some fun and volunteer while helping the community out.”

Michael McNamera and sophomore Ben Zeitler are pretty confident with their decisions up to this point in order to reach their Student Union goals.

“I’m not even sure that I am going to make campaign posters. I don’t even see the point in making them anyway,” McNamera said.

The elections will take place on May fourth.

By: Anna Blasy

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