Earth Day Changing the World

Earth Day is the anniversary of the birth of the environmental movement, and is also to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Many students of DHS know the importance of Earth Day, and celebration some of the activities done to change the world.

In a survey that was given to the students of DHS, about half of the students admitted that they do not acknowledge Earth Day.  There are many reasons why DHS students don’t acknowledge Earth Day. Maybe they were wondering how to?  It’s easy. Reduce, reuse, and recycle.

According to the survey results, most students begin to realize that DHS should recognize Earth day in a more significant manner.  DHS should begin to make more changes in the way Earth Day affects the world, many students said that by trying to plant trees, carpooling, or using eco-friendly lighting in our school could significantly change the world.

Many students at DHS are beginning to try to change the world in some way. Yet many, according to the survey, just don’t know where to begin.  Earth day is not just a day to go out and plant trees it’s a day to celebrate the changes in the world that are going to make.  Make a change in the world, treat it well so we have a better place to live, make the change you want to see in the world.

 For more information on Earth Day Click here!

By: Hannah Bartos

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