Bonne Bell is closing down, closing down, closing down

Whether it’s the Dr. Pepper Chap Stick, or their Glimmer bronzer, it may be time to start conserving the products. At the end of February, the Bonne Bell Company plans to close their doors, and hand their company over to Markwins International Corporation.

The family-owned brand was founded in 1927 by Jesse Bell, who named the company after his daughter, Bonne Bell. The lip balm created in 1973 has been a favorite lip-gloss ever since. New owners can result in different products, but Markwins International plans to keep the originality of Bonne Bell alive. Markwins plans to rename the Bonne Bell Company to, “Bell Family Brands.”

From lemonade to skittles flavored lip balms, senior Heather Sheets said her favorite kind is any soda flavored ones, but Bonne Bell going out of business won’t affect her.

“I’m not really brand particular,” she said.

by Kirsten Miller

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Kirsten Miller

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