French and German classes switch schools

What started out as a rumor has now been confirmed. The MPS Board decided to move of all French classes to MHS and all German classes to DHS starting with the 2015-16 school year. This decision will effect all French and German students and teachers in the MPS district.

Junior Nisha Patel is currently a fifth year French student at DHS and is President of the French club. She approached the  school board at their Jan. 19 meeting telling them that she doesn’t want the switch to happen.

“I believe that it is imperative to keep this French program alive and not change the way that it is being taught,” Patel said at the board meeting.

At freshman parent night Patel and other French students gathered 72 parent signatures petitioning for the switch not to happen.

“It’s not all that we wanted,” Patel said.

Only 72 signatures isn’t going to stop Patel from her fight to stop the switch. She is still going to continue to collect signatures and student support.

To watch the video of Patel presenting to the board or to get the board’s email click here.

By Dani Huey

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