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Cardio is an important and prevalent part of every fitness routine. No matter one’s age, gender or physical condition, cardio is a necessary workout element that leads to physical results and improved health. Cardio can be something as simple as walking outside for 15 minutes, and as challenging as completing a triathlon. Whatever choice one makes for cardio, the reality is simple; cardio in long amounts gets boring. Running or biking inside in the winter is so hard for me to complete. I usually end up giving up when I’m bored and not necessarily tired. Especially in the cold and dreary winter months, kickboxing is a great cardio workout that keeps the routine new, fresh, and interesting.

In my opinion, kickboxing never gets dull. Depending on the day, instructor, and other people taking the class, every kickboxing session is slightly different. Using a combination of partner activities, exercises on the big bags, floor exercises, and circuit training, kickboxing keeps it fresh. Instead of plugging in headphones and looking straight ahead on a treadmill, kickboxing forces its participants to interact with the people around them and use their brain. Many students who go to local gyms turn to kickboxing as a vital source of cardio. Kickboxing is notably fun for me when my best friend is my partner.

“I like kickboxing because it provides an upbeat cardio workout that is always different and never boring,” Senior Courtney Taylor said. “At Seung-Ni they always play current music to keep the class energized and focused. Kickboxing is a good way to relieve stress and to burn calories.”

Besides the interactive and fun aspects of kickboxing, the calorie burn that can come from a one hour session is colossal. As long as I give a class my all, I am always dripping with sweat at the end. No exceptions. The combination of jumping, running, interval training, and calisthenics are the perfect marriage to result in a massive calorie burn. I find it dramatically easier to finish an hour of kickboxing than I do an hour of running. The classes fly by but never fail to produce the end result desired.

Attending a kickboxing class with a close friend or family member is sure to result in a great cardio workout. Instead of dreading going to the gym, I look forward to kickboxing every day as a stress reliever and cardio burn. I highly suggest kickboxing to every person interested in improving their health.

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Amy Ferritto

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