What the holiday season is really about

In the days following Black Friday, my dreams were haunted by the sound of printing receipts. I gained a seasonal job in retail this holiday season, and although the store was typically busy, there was no possible way I could have prepared for the insanity that was Black Friday. Many people in this country believe that Christmas is becoming a holiday focused on greed and material items, but I have to disagree. Although Black Friday was crazy and I had coupons being thrown at me from left to right, it wasn’t necessarily out of greed, but love. That sounds weird because of the stereotypes associated with Black Friday shoppers: they’re always out to get the best deal and will trample whoever gets in their way. While this may be true for some, the majority of those shopping on Black Friday and the holiday sales around it are looking for presents for those they love. I’ve never seen so many gift receipts in my life, and many of the conversations between those at the register and customers were about how much they thought their loved one would enjoy their present.

This desire to spoil those you love is what the holidays are all about. While there are many ways to make someone feel appreciated besides presents, a little gift to let someone know you love them isn’t a greedy pursuit (especially if you get a great deal.) Overall I think the holidays are still about being able to show your love to those you care about, and those shopping on days with fantastic deals are just trying to give their wallet a break.

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Jordan Reid

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