Students spin into shape at Alignment 8

Recently relocated next to the Pure Barre studio is a unique place to work out: Alignment 8 Yoga and Cycle. While some may be unsure about trying a new workout regimen, Alignment 8 offers a friendly and fun environment to get in shape.

“The instructors are awesome and make it so fun for you,” senior McKenna Root said. “I like it a lot because it’s a good way for me to cross train with tennis and Athletic Republic in an environment that isn’t as competitive but works you just as hard.”

Spinning classes at Alignment 8 offer a fun yet challenging cardio workout that is a good alternative to those who might like to run, but prefer not to run in the cold. In addition to spinning, Alignment 8 offers other classes such as Piyo, a newer class which is a mix of Pilates and yoga.

“I’m actually going to get certified in Piyo and spinning soon so I can start teaching and will be able to teach wherever I end up going to school,” Root said.

For more information on Alignment 8 and a complete schedule of their classes, visit their website.

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