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I’m not the type of person you’ll ever find doing excessive cardio. Similar to Fat Amy from “Pitch Perfect” I’m a fan of horizontal running. My mile time is embarrassing, and to be honest sometimes I get winded from walking up the stairs. I don’t mind lifting weights, but intense conditioning has never been something I would place on the list of things I like to do. I can probably account this to the fact that running is about the most boring exercise ever. As I’ve gotten older I’ve searched for a more entertaining workout regimen, and I have finally found a place where all my fitness dreams come true: Seung-ni Fit Club.

Seung-ni is not a place with a bunch of intimidating machines. Although small, it offers a variety of classes that provide a vigorous workout, all while maintaining a fun environment. Seung-ni offers kickboxing and Zumba for cardio, as well as Body Sculpt and Core for toning. When I first began my Seung-ni career I opted for Body Sculpt, a class that uses a variety of free weights to tone muscles. This may sound easy, but I promise you it is not. Every single time that I have gone I’ve left with wobbly and tired limbs, along with the satisfaction that I just got my booty kicked by a workout. This class is especially great because you work muscles that you did not even know existed. Consistently going to this class produced a noticeable difference in strength.

While I shied away from it previously, I’ve really learned to love kickboxing this year. The best part is you never know what kind of kickboxing it will be. Sometimes the workouts are focused on working with the kickboxing bags (which is kind of fun if you’re especially mad at someone), and other times there will be cardio stations. Overall it’s a very fun time and they always provide some really upbeat music that makes the experience better as a whole. Although I hate cardio normally, kickboxing is the exception.

The best part of Seung-ni is the instructors.  Each day they come equipped with intense energy and encouragement. They do a fantastic job about trying to give each person who goes the best workout possible, and they succeed. I’m really glad a friend happened to drag me there once, because it’s made my fitness easier and fun. If you want to get your booty kicked all while having a good time, check their schedule out here.

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