The “MOMologues” come to the MCFTA

The Midland Center for the Arts is excited to welcome the “MOMologues” this month. The comedy show suitable for people aged 18 and up is aimed at entertaining mothers by stripping away the layers of political correctness and other normal conventions to examine what the practice is really about, while providing the audience with more than a few laughs along the way.

The act is performed by Elini Tsoros of Saginaw and three ladies from Midland, Rachel Jingles, Amy Meilink and Natalie Slawnyk. The show was characterized by Showcase Magazine as the show “about the ups and downs of motherhood; what binds them together, not what tears them apart.” The review went on to call the show “edgy, funny, and true”.

The performance has already successfully completed a couple shows and will perform again this Saturday, Sunday, and then again next week from Friday to Sunday. Please visit for a schedule complete with show times and remember, if mom was left out at Christmas, this is a fantastic way to start to make up for it!

By Ben Morgan

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Ben Morgan

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One thought on “The “MOMologues” come to the MCFTA

  1. Ben Morgan's Ego March 26, 2015 at 8:30 am

    This is the greatest article of all time. Not only was it nearly impossible to not let my bias into it, I could also barely see the computer screen and keyboard that I used to type the article due to my vision condition. #imthebest


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