MCFTA offers exciting volunteering opportunities

The Midland Center for the Arts is extending a tremendous opportunity for Midland teens to get involved in their community by supporting its diverse programs in promoting the arts and sciences. Volunteers are guaranteed one-on-one training and are able to work in one of a variety of areas, including the Alden Dow Museum of Science and Art, the Center Stage Theater and Choir, and the Orchestra, among other programs.

The Center for the Arts is always eager to celebrate its volunteers and even hosts a party for them that features food, fun, and games. The volunteers help the productions by doing various tasks such as setting up scenes and working behind stage, singing in the choir, and by ushering at performances.

The program at the MCFTA is a fantastic way for DHS students to fulfill NHS hour requirements and presents a neat opportunity to help feel connected to the community by working to provide it with awesome entertainment. For more information, visit and click on “I am a New Volunteer” to start helping out.

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Ben Morgan

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