Canon T3

Canon cameras are regarded as one of the best brands in America for digital cameras, and it’s a well-earned brand. There are few companies that sell SLR cameras due to the quality that is expected. Therefore, when a company does make an SLR you know it’s going to be one of the best cameras on the market, even if it may be difficult to learn to use. The Canon Rebel T3 is an amazing camera that is useful as a starter camera for anyone who would like to get into photography whether it be as a hobby or as a profession.

The T3 is wonderful for getting into the upper level camera tier for someone who has had generic cameras in the past. There is a grip hold on the right side of the camera to grasp the camera and get the proper angle for photographing. By having a strong place to hold the camera blurring from an unsteady hand decreases. The instructions included with the camera show proper way to hold the camera, which users might not know prior to reading the instructions. The T3 is perfect for starters is the price. While a retail price of $450 is high for a generic camera, for a SLR it is one of the lowest priced cameras.

Another factor that makes the T3 amazing is the picture quality. Pictures are captured with all the small details that are present when one looks at the subject. The light that is captured and shown in the picture is astounding. Since all the light is present you can see everything clearly. There is little difference between the picture qualities even when in full zoom which is often not the case in lower level cameras.

One drawback with the Rebel T3 is that it can be confusing for new users. There are too many settings that don’t always have clear features, so you can’t tell what one setting does as opposed to the other settings. There is nothing to explain what the difference between creative shooting and action shooting or any other setting. This would not be a problem if the manual had fully explained what all of the buttons on the camera do.

Despite the minor flaws, which can be overcome in time, the Canon EOS Rebel T3 is an extraordinary camera. The pictures that I’ve taken since I got it are the best I’ve taken in my life, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to get into photography.

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