The public’s right to bear arms

Sarah York

Imagine if everywhere you looked, someone had a weapon in their pocket whether you knew it or not. Most Americans have heard of the second amendment, explaining how citizens of the United States have the right to bear arms. However, a person isn’t necessarily allowed to carry a gun with them at all times; it is allowed depending on the place they walk into. A new legislation for Lansing, Michigan is getting closer to this reality because this legislation could potentially allow citizens to bring concealed weapons into places such as schools, churches and hospitals.

This Michigan legislation, if passed, will give private owners of places such as hospitals, churches, and bars the opportunity to allow or deny concealed firearms into their building. Only trained owners of weapons will be able to have them in public.

If this bill was passed, it would also allow public schools to have concealed firearms. This bill would make schools unable to deny people the right to bring guns into the building, meaning they could carry it with them everywhere as long as they have a concealed weapons permit.

Some specifics of this bill have not been released yet, such as the age someone would have to be to have a weapon on them. If the current age limit would apply, then a person would have to be 18 to carry their guns. If this is the case, then that means mostly seniors and teachers would only be allowed to bring them into places such as schools and hospitals.

Although I understand in some cases why firearms should be allowed, say, if someone is being severely beaten or threatened, I also believe that there are some circumstances where they should just not be allowed. Firearms should only be used to protect one’s self if they are taken into any public place. This could become an issue if public schools aren’t allowed to deny people the right to carry guns on their property. If someone is being physically abused or threatened, then that person could pull out their gun and shoot them. On the other hand, someone with a gun could start the violence by having their weapon out. Some students may need the protection, but if they are allowed to bring guns in school, it could end in disaster.

I admit guns are good for some things such as protection and hunting. One must keep in mind though how everything has its place, and some things just don’t mix. Guns and school are both good for their own things, but once mixed together the results could be like Frankenstein’s monster. If the monster was properly taken care of from the get go, then his violent reactions would have not taken place.

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Sarah York

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One thought on “The public’s right to bear arms

  1. Morgan Voss January 24, 2013 at 3:08 pm

    The legal age to buy or own a handgun is 21 as is the legal age requirement to obtain a CCP (concealed carry permit), so your statement about seniors carrying weapons is in fact incorrect. Only staff/teachers are able to carry concealed weapons, since we don’t have students that are age 21 or older.


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