Blog: How to get a good body for spring break

So you’re walking to the beach going to get your tan on, and when you take your shirt off it gets you more attention then you want. So what do you do? You could be those people who keep their shirts on at the beach. Or you could be the fellow that works out and can show off.

How do you go about do this? This is how you can in four ways.

1) Start watching what you eat. Everyone has different metabolisms with their body; some like mine can deal with eating lots of food and not gaining weight, while others don’t. Also, adjusting your diet wouldn’t be bad either. Take out all the fast food, and start taking in healthier foods like vegies and calcium to promote muscle growth throughout the body.

2) Start running around a mile a day to help your lungs and your body. Running will help with your lower body strength, specifically your leg muscles. Running outside is also pretty nice to enjoy the fresh air, and the rush of running as well. Running through downtown or city forest are popular options.

3) Work on your abdominal muscles. There are many different ways you could do this. The first and easiest way is to do the common sit-up or crunches. Sure, you’ll get there, but it’ll take some time. It could vary depending on how vigorous you want your workout schedule to be. Other ideas like this include doing planks, the Superman exercise, and my favorite exercise: bicycles. Basically for this, you get on your back and raise your legs up in the air and move your legs in the motion that a bicycle would do. Do these in sets of 30-40 seconds. Another thing is to give all your effort when you exercise. If you put half effort into something, you can expect that out of your results, so don’t waste your time.

4) Work on your arm muscles, mainly being biceps and triceps. The most common way to do this is to do bicep curls and bench press. While doing the bicep curls, don’t try and do the most amount of weight for least amount of repetitions. Go for a lower weight that you can do three sets of 10 reps of, and curl slowly so you can build of the definition of your arms. Secondly is a bench press. For this, you need a weight bar and just bench press the weight. Again, you’re probably going to be working on definition, so don’t try to max out in your first week. Take it from me, my bench max is 325, so I know what I’m talking about.

With these helpful tips, your body too will be ready for the summer of 2012. Happy training.

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