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Recently, I introduced a band known as Metallica to the world of DHS, and I got a lot of heat for it. Oddly enough, Mr. Davis didn’t complain at all. In fact, Mrs. Kastl told me she liked my music choices that week. It was the students. The fact that almost everyone I talked to said they hated those music selections has shown just how much the music industry has gone down the drain.

True, Metallica is an extreme example of the rock that used to dominate the radio. They are pretty heavy metal. But the fact is that rock in general has pretty much died. There are a few modern bands that people like and listen to, but they are few and far between. Green Day, Nickelback and Daughtry all were good in their time, but have since deteriorated as interests have switched. Now, the majority of what you hear on the radio is techno-pop and boy bands. I will admit that I listen to some of that kind of music, but the songs get old fast, and they will not hold the test of time as classic rock has.

During that week, I heard people say, “I don’t see the musical value in all this hard rock stuff.” To this I say that at least they don’t digitally alter their voices. Their music is one hundred percent genuine. None of it is created on a computer. In the old days, you had to be a good singer in order to make it big in the music industry. Nowadays, any shmuck with no musical talent whatsoever (I’m talking to you, Ke$ha) can make it big and become an unparalleled success. Some singers’ voices, like Adele and Bruno Mars, are completely genuine. However, there is nothing genuine about Ke$ha’s digital voice.

The messages of popular songs have changed drastically too. Music is supposed to tell a story, but more and more often I’ll hear music on the radio that really has no meaning. The worst thing is when artists use their songs to deliberately show off and boast about themselves and how great they are. Singers need to be modest. It makes you come across as a human being, not as an arrogant jerk. Chris Brown, with lines like, “I get what you get in 10 years, in two days!” make him seem exactly that. People like Taylor Swift, however, sing about things that make her seem very genuine and kind. If only she could actually sing.

Don’t get me wrong, some of this music is fun to listen to. Nothing is better than having a song like ‘Party Rock Anthem’ come on the radio, and jamming to the bass. However, outside of clubs and party-rocking with friends, it really doesn’t have any musical value. There used to be a balance between the story aspect of a song and its jamming-ness.

We need more songs like ‘Rolling in the Deep’ and ‘Somebody I Used to Know’. These managed to tell a story and still be extremely popular. Students, please give songs like this a chance, and turn off that ‘Rack City’ garbage. You’ll be doing your ears a favor.

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