Total dedication

By Joey Sleeper
staff writer

6:14 a.m. Most of DHS is still sleeping, or getting ready for school. Meanwhile, players for the upcoming football season are busy preparing. Squatting, benching, conditioning, working their core and doing agility workouts are just a few ways that next year’s team is training.

“We do form and power on Tuesday and agility and conditioning on Thursday,” junior quarterback Matt Hus said.

Keeping fit for the approaching summer workouts and start of the new season is an important aspect for making the playoffs with tough competition looming ahead for the next year. The Chargers train every Tuesday and Thursday morning, working to achieve their best.

“The drills and lifting we have designed is definitely working,” Coach Jason Watkins said. “[The players are] showing strength gains, stamina improvement, and are getting faster.”

Some players go to bond, while others go to get faster and stronger so they can be the best they can be for the upcoming season, leaving a lasting impression on the coach.

“It’s sending a clear message [to me],” Watkins said. “They are willing and able to show commitment.”

The players also form a better relationship with Watkins and the other players. Many football players claim the most important aspect of a great team is being like a family and playing as hard as possible. Early morning workouts go a long way in accomplishing this.

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