Blog: No doubt about Zimmerman’s guilt

By Logan Holman
staff writer

Picture this, a 17 year old boy wearing a hooded sweatshirt and holding a bag of Skittles and an iced tea is on his way home to watch a NBA game. That doesn’t seem very suspicious to me.

To George Zimmerman, that was all that was needed to follow and kill the young boy in the streets of Florida. Until lately, Zimmerman didn’t have any charges filed against him, but because of rallies and riots, people demanded he be charged. Actually, the New Black Panthers even put a 10,000 dollar bounty on Zimmerman’s head. Although I don’t believe he should be killed without a fair trial, I do believe he is guilty of killing an innocent boy and should be severely punished if not put to death after a fair trial. This is an obvious case of racial profiling and it has gone too far this time.

There are reports of Martin being an aggressor in the incident but I find that to be impossible. I believe Zimmerman decided to attack Martin and at most he defended himself and Zimmerman was caught off guard and decided to end the tussle by shooting Martin. By Florida’s law called “Stand Your Ground” a person does have the right to take action if action is being taken on that person. When I hear that, I think if someone punches me, it permits me to throw a punch back, like an equal force kind of thing. Not one involving deadly force.

Reports have shown that Zimmerman has a history of calling the police for no good reason. I will hand to Zimmerman the fact that the national media has made the story look different than what it is by using pictures that make Zimmerman look like an ex-con nut job and made Trayvon look like a little innocent boy.

Zimmerman crossed the line when it comes to his duties, the equipment he should be using and his self-defense. If Trayvon and Zimmerman were actually in a scrum, they both have the right to defend themselves. In my mind, however, Zimmerman is guilty in this instance.

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