Blog: How to use Facebook properly

By Maeghen Carter
staff writer

Facebook. This social networking site has taken the world by storm. There are currently hundreds of millions of active users and it is predicted that there will be one billion users by August of 2012. People join this site for many reasons; to keep in touch with family, to see what’s happening in their friend’s lives, and to post about their own lives. I’ve had a Facebook account since my freshman year and use it frequently. Over the past four years, I’ve learned some very important do’s and don’ts every user should know.

Let’s talk about statuses this week.

I’m going to be honest with you, very few people on the internet really want to know “What’s on your mind.”

People want to see something funny and it had better not be a re-post from Reddit unless you’re willing to deal with the comments that you’ll receive that say how you stole it. However, links to funny things are perfectly acceptable.

Quotes are tricky. If it’s something funny someone said, go for it. If it’s an inspirational message and will change the world, I’ll like it. Is it a song lyric? If it’s not a lyric from Nickelback, Rihanna, or Ke$ha, I don’t see the problem.

A lot of my Facebook friends like to post about things they believe in. This can range in anything from religion to politics and that’s not a problem. Even if I believe the complete opposite, I’m not going to be offended by what you post. Posting a bible verse or encouraging your favorite candidate for the upcoming election is fine. When you start pointing out faults or criticizing other’s beliefs, Facebook debates begin.

Oh, you’re tired and going to bed but you’re upset you have school in the morning frowny face? Now we’re starting to have some serious problems. Things that are obvious and relatively pointless will cause people to defriend you.

If you’re feeling angry at someone and you think posting an indirect status will solve all your problems, you are very wrong, my friend. Nine times out of ten, people will know exactly who you’re talking about and your “huge problem” will just get worse.

Outwardly posting about your personal life comes across as a cry for attention. If you are genuinely trying to get information out to certain people, don’t do it with a status update.

Here’s another example of a wrong thing to do. Status: “Hanging out with the boyfriend!!!! We’re going to a movie then I’m going to go home and do homework yuck 😛 But at least I’m going to the mall this weekend with mah gurl!” The result will be this. Comment: “Wow! That’s really interesting and I’m glad I read about your schedule for the next few days! Thanks for keeping me in the loop!” said no one ever.

Spelling and grammar matter. Careless mistakes make whatever you’re saying seem less credible. Plus, everyone has that one friend that will point out your mistakes.

Swear words don’t make you seem cooler. They make you seem less intelligent. Use big people words.

Truth is, no one likes truth is statuses. At all. Any kind of “LMS” status games make me want to create a dislike button just for you.

And lastly, tHiS iSn’T cUtE aT aLl. Please type like human being.

If you follow these few simple rules, you will be using Facebook statuses correctly. People will find you funny, intelligent, and insightful. You’ll have more likes and less people blocking your posts. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to liking your statuses.

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