Lunch club takes on breakfast

On Wednesday, Feb. 12, 2020, the Lunch Club met for the second time this month to eat lunch together. Instead of bringing their own lunch, the club provided the members with a freshly made “breakfast-lunch”, containing pancakes and sausage. Many members went that day to spend time with the special needs students and other members. 

 A frequent member of the Lunch Club, senior Ellie Penn, commented on the club. 

“It’s an easy way to get involved in the school, meet new people, and have a good time,” Penn said. “I feel like I made a lot of good connections with people I wouldn’t have if I didn’t join Lunch Club, not just the special needs students, but also other students that participate.” 

Lunch Club is held every Wednesday in room 371 during both first and second lunches. For more information, contact Ellie Penn


Pouring apple juice, junior Jessica Theisen stands in line getting her share of pancakes and sausage during the second lunch Lunch Club.
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