Honors Orchestra at Solo and Ensemble Festival

On Saturday, Feb. 8, the Honors Orchestra competed at the 2020 District Solo and Ensemble Festival. Though this class functions like an after school club, it also counts as a .4 credit. Members meet weekly to practice for events like Solo and Ensemble and other concerts that occur throughout the year. Junior Hannah Loiselle and other members of the Honors Orchestra prepared for this year’s festival in an nontraditional way. 

“We’ve actually been playing this other piece for a couple months and we sounded pretty bad at it so last minute, two weeks before we changed our piece, and just played it,” Loiselle said.”We actually didn’t get as much preparation as we should have.” 

Though the last minute switch could have been unnerving, Honors Orchestra still managed to clinch a division one rating from their judge. Loiselle was satisfied with the performance, though she was initially nervous. 

“I felt pretty good,” Loiselle said. “I think we sounded pretty good too. It was a pretty cool piece to play, but the judge seemed a little disinterested so I was actually kind of nervous, but he seemed like a lot.” 

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