Key Club creates opportunities

The Key Club board and members came together in room 221 for the weekly meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 19 after sixth and seventh hour. Students may think Key Club makes keys, but really, Key Club is a volunteering club that makes opportunities.

“I joined Key Club as a freshman because I had always heard volunteering was really fun and and I had never volunteered before so I decided to join,” senior and Key Club president Olivia Kaminski said. “I just really liked volunteering and I eventually ran for the board. Initially just, for my resume but then shortly after I realized that I just really liked serving people and that’s why I’m still in Key Club.” 

Key Club members can help out all around the community, usually with nothing to give except their time.

“I really like helping at the Grace A. Memorial Library book sales just because it’s a very organized event and there’s never really any confusion with any instructions or anything,” Kaminski said. “It’s really straightforward. It’s just a really nice event to help out with because sometimes they let you take free books. That’s just a project I’ve always enjoyed. Also the school carnivals are always fun because I like working with kids.”

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Cassidy Wainwright

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