SADD/SAVE kindness week

The Students Against Destructive Decisions and Students Against Violence Everywhere (SADD/SAVE) recently had their second meeting of the year. The members discussed the fast approaching “Kindness Week” which the club is creating. The members also discussed what activity was planned each day of the week throughout Kindness Week.

“So Monday we are making a poster so that kids can sign and basically pledge that they’re going to be kind throughout the school and they sign their name,”  junior Evelyn Pressnell said.

The meeting time was used to organize when students miss class, and to see what activities each student was working on. 

Early in the meeting, there was a recap on what took place at the Anti-Bullying Seminar at Bullock Creek High School. During the seminar, schools around the area gathered to brainstorm ideas to make a successful Kindness Week. 

“It was all the schools and the county and the surrounding counties, and we basically brainstormed ideas for Kindness Week,” Pressnell said. 

The next meeting is yet to be determined.

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